CapitolConnect™ is a legislative activation tool. It will provide you with a means to conveniently contact your elected officials about the issues that most concern you, your family, and NAHB. Below are our current action alerts. Action alerts are a means by which we hope to inform you about the important legislative issues facing NAHB, and through your involvement, we hope to influence legislators on these key policy issues.

Simply click on an action alert link below that interests you, and you will be given the means to contact your elected officials on that topic. Thank you for your interest and participation!

Rental Assistance 2020

Tell your Senators that they must take a holistic approach for tenants impacted by COVID-19. An extension of the blanket eviction moratorium is not a sustainable, long-term solution for American families facing financial hardship and that it will be devastating to the rental housing market. It’s very likely that this is the last COVID-19 funding bill this year. It is essential that your Senators understands that we need to focus on funding rental assistance and not on an extension of the eviction moratorium. Click on the "Take Action Now" button below to access a letter that outlines NAHB’s requests of Congress. We also request you please consider sharing this message and encourage others at your company to also take action. Messages like these really do make a difference.

501(c)(6) Protection Act
Ask Congress to consider 501(c)(6) organizations eligible for PPP funds.

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